How often do you take the time to listen to your body?

I know this is something I have struggled with. As a yoga teacher I still think my body should be doing poses that I am not able to do. In the past I would have not listened to my body and kept pushing it anyway.

An example of this is Headstand, headstand has not been in my practice, it was not in my yoga training, and it was something I only practiced on other courses, classes or retreats. But I always felt my body did not like it, particularly my neck. It’s a beautiful pose to look at, it does have many benefits, its suits many people, but I can also get those benefits from other poses, Ie: Shoulder Stand or Double Leg raise.

But with social media particularly we feel we should look or be able to do certain poses/exercises just like the person on our screen. Why is this? Why do we feel we have to be able to do the same as others? This is our Ego talking. If you have attended any of my classes you will often here me say “Let go of the Ego” It does not matter what the person next to us in class is doing or what a yoga teacher on Instagram is doing. The most important thing is ourselves, listening to our own bodies, we know our own bodies better then anyone else.

I recently started an online course for inversions and arm balances, I liked the teacher, I thought it was a good way to challenge my own practice a little, but guess what, the minute I started practicing Headstand again, my neck got sore, it was sore for the whole week after. I had to make a decision do I keep going with my online course of inversions and arm balances, knowing that headstand is a big focus, or do I listen to my body telling me it does not like it?

Maybe prior to my yoga journey I would have just kept going, striving for perfection in the pose, for that perfect picture for my social media page, not listening to my neck pain. But now I very much listen to my body, yes I still feel frustrated at times when I maybe cannot do something. But I know my body needs time to heal, maybe one day ill get to that pose with no pain, but right now I will continue to treat my body as the temple that it is, listen to it, feed it the right foods, exercise it in ways that feels good, I love my body for who it is, not listen to the ego telling me to be something I am not.


Did you ever realise how much your body loves you? Its always trying to keep you alive. Your body is making sure you breathe, while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat illnesses. Your body loves you so much. Therefore love your body right back.


                  If you listen to you body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream.

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