The style of yoga I teach is Hatha Yoga. Before training in yoga I used to do a weekly Ashtanga Yoga Class, I loved it! I was in my early 30 ́s, this class was hard, I sweated, I stretched, I moved my body in positions I never thought it could do, and as I was working in the beauty industry at the time, especially doing a lot of physical massage, this class
was my savior for my back!

However when looking for a teacher training course in Spain. I was drawn to classical Hatha Yoga training in a small town called Iznate with a very authentic teacher called Manorama.

The first day of Asana training I found the postures slow and a little frustrating, I was used to moving quickly in and out of postures. However as time went on, I realised I started to let my mind go, became more aware of my breath and for the first time the body, mind and breath connection.

I realised in all the Ashtanga classes I was not once aware of my breath and very little of my body except to acknowledge that sometimes it hurt or was uncomfortable. I started to see that the Ashtanga class I had done in the gym as much as I loved it, was more of a gym workout.

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I felt I had now found true yoga, with its meaning and philosophy, its breath awareness, relaxation, meditation and mantras (yes we had to sing). This was the whole yoga package!

I realised very early into my course that yoga is a way of life, it is not only a pose, it is not only what happens when you sit on your mat, it is not to sculpt your body or feed your vanity,
it’s not a competition. It is the ego that likes to be competitive!

Yoga really is for everybody, it is not just for flexibility of the body, it is for becoming more flexible in the mind. When you have flexibility in the mind you can open and expand your awareness and lower the amount of involuntary, unconscious thoughts and emotions and increase the amount of voluntary thoughts and emotions.

You can bring more compassion into your Hatha Yoga practice by listening to your body and honouring yourself. Not pushing yourself like I was doing in my Ashtanga Class with no awareness of what my body felt or needed. Respect your possibilities and limits. When you are in a yoga posture, instead of comparing yourself to those around you, send love to your body. Accept your body as it is and love yourself just where you are, just as you are.
Love & Namaste

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