As we delve into September after our summer months of taking holidays or being out of regular routine. Life can often feel very busy, sometimes even overwhelming. This month in our online classes we are working with crystals and chakras to re-balance.

The Root Chakra is where we feel grounded, secure, safe, it gives us our base or foundation for life, and when out of balance we can often feel overwhelmed, anxious, lethargic or physically drained.

As well as working with our Root Chakra to re-connect, balance and ground down we can incorporate our crystals alongside walking in nature (especially barefoot) or bringing our awareness to our feet grounding into the earth.


When we bring our awareness to grounding, we make a direct connection with the earth, we can let negative energy thoughts simply travel down our body and back into the earth, just as electricity, when there is an overload of power can be grounded to the earth.


Next time you feel overwhelmed or blocked in some way, use the tool of grounding. Choosing a suitable crystal. Ideally using 2 crystals, stand with your bare feet on the floor, ideally outside on the grass, hold the crystals in your hands, close your eyes and mentally visualise the toxic energy flowing down to your feet and into the earth. Holding this position for 3-5 minutes.


Crystals to help with grounding



Agate is a strong grounding crystal and protects your aura. It transforms negative energy into positive, enhances mental function and improves concentration, soothes and calms anxiety, in-stills security and safety.



Clears negative energy, aids circulation, rids toxins and boosts the immune system.



Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism. A great stone for manifesting, cultivating confidence and personal power. A great stone also to awaken the solar plexus.



Gives protection and grounds negative energy, clears blockages and a great stone to give support through times of stress. Brings tranquility and wholeness. Balances Yin and Yang. Clears environmental pollution.



Always choose the crystal you are naturally drawn to.