Suitable for all levels

Children's Yoga Classes

As Children grow, Yoga supports their bodies, stretching out muscles that have become stiff from time sitting in chairs, hunched over desks and during growth spurts when bones grow quicker then muscles causing sudden stiffness.

Children can be just as busy and over stimulated as any adult in todays world. Yoga combines Breathing Techniques, Movement, Fun, games, journaling, creative work and relaxation techniques to help children in a world where they are rarely without input. Bringing a sense of positive body awareness, self care, the ability to just be themselves, where they learn life tools to help deal with stress, tension and everyday worries in an ever changing world.

Class groups are kept small and run on a termly basis.

Tuesdays 3.50pm & 4.45pm & Wednesdays 3.55-4.40pm, Contact me for details