Inner Guidance, The Tools are Within


The tools are always within us, the universe is always talking to us. But sometimes we give our power away to others. Feeding the belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with us and we have to rely on others to make decisions for us. We do not need to put the power to make decisions about our health or anything in our lives in someone else’s hands.


Sometimes the more we believe that someone else holds the power to heal us the weaker we become. And this weakness leads to belief that you need help even more. Off course we often need help from o doctors, medical practitioners or energy/alternative healers. If their intentions are good and their motives are pure they can do many things but the decision always has to come from within our own bodies. We always need to listen to our inner guidance and empower ourselves. Great healers know that we all have an innate wisdom, and they say their job is helping us to get in touch with that wisdom.


Consider these possible truths..


We are all born perfect in every way.

We are already every thing that we are trying to become.

Although we may have temporarily forgotten who we are, we are not broken in anyway.

The challenges in our lives are not an indication that there’s anything wrong with us, instead there merely part of the journey back to ourselves.



Self care Tips


Make time each day to tune into your inner guidance system. Be open to guidance of all sorts, the song playing on the car radio when you switch it on, bits of conversation you over here in line at the supermarket, or an interview you read in a magazine or watch on television.

Learn to recognise when something you hear triggers the feeling of excitement deep within you, that’s your guidance system telling you to pay attention.

Get in the habit of looking at your challenges as blessings. Instead of getting angry and frustrated when something isn’t going the way you would like, ask yourself, if this were actually a gift from the universe, what would it be here to teach me? You’ll be amazed how that shift in perspective can open you up to the wisdom from within.


I know I am in touch with my inner guidance system when…


I can truly see how the challenges in my life are not due to personal failings but are instead an important part of my journey.

I recognise that those same challenges are actually gifts.

I stop feeling an obsessive need to be in control of all of the events around me, as well as their outcomes.

I allow myself to be a channel through which life expresses itself fully recognising that life happens through me, not to me.


Make choices that support your body, your spirit, and your personal journey. Focusing on doing what makes you happy, moving from fear into faith & healing place to a place of peace and being grounded.


Learn to access your guidance system any time you need to make a choice. Remember you have the tools within as you consider each option, pay attention to what emotions it triggers and how it makes you feel, does it make you feel hopeful and empowered or does it make you feel fearful and week. Go with the best feeling option.


When others are insistent about what they think you should do, realise they are talking from their own place of fear or awareness. Sincerely thank them for their love and caring, and then ask them to support whatever decision you finally choose, even if it’s not what they want you to do.


I am truly grateful for my bodies lessons and guidance that it is constantly teaching me.


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