6 Rules for a Winning Self-Image! 


You have programmed into the deep recesses of your mind a perception of what you are, who you are and what you are worth. This is referred to as an inner self image. It is literally a control mechanism that determines what comes into your life and how well you will do.

You also have an outer image. It is the one that you project to the world by the way you walk, talk, dress and meet and greet other people. That image is the outer expression of the inner image. 

Your results are always a reflection of what is going on internally. If you have a negative or bad image of yourself, your results are going to be a reflection of that image.

The self image that is fixed in your subconscious mind will determine how the rest of the world will see you. You are the only person in the entire world that has the ability to alter or improve your self image.

There is an image of perfection that is resident in the centre of your consciousness. The more you move in the direction of that image, the more your life will improve. There is no end to the good that you can experience as you develop a greater awareness of the perfection that does lie within you. Use affirmations to plant those positive seeds and remember what you think, you create. 

 Below is a self image formula that I would like to share with you. Take your time to read it. 

1. Let go of the past – Do not look backward with guilt or regret. Your mind only works by going forwards correcting the course as you go. 

2. Dont worry about your future – Dont spend any time worrying about whats going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Eight percent of your worries never happen. Your mind is like a built-in mental GPS. It figures out turn by turn direction as you drive. 

3. Live in 24-hour blocks – Your mind can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and steer you towards your goal. It only works in the present if you’re focused on the present. Dont look backward, dont worry about the future. Stay in the moment and only focus on whats happening right now. Thats the art of living. 

4. Stop making things up – When you worry or look back, you make things up and create assumptions with your imagination. Dont use your imagination against yourself by creating needless drama and worry. Stick to the facts. The fact is, you have no idea how things are going to go or whats going to happen in the future. 

5. Who cares what anyone thinks – Youll stop worrying about what others think of you when you realise they very rarely do. Weve learned to worry about what people think of us. We ask for opinions and advice and we want validation and approval. We picked that up at an early age because we were raised to follow the rules and please the adults. Make up your mind youre not going to worry about what people think of you. If you dont itll drive you crazy. 

6. End judgment – You werent born with judgment, you learned to judge. Judgment is a goal killer. Theres nothing worse than judging yourself. It holds you back and keeps you stuck. If you negatively look upon yourself, then youre not going to move forward in a positive way. Remember, your parents taught you to judge and it became a habit. They judged their family and friends, they judged you and then you took over and started judging yourself and others.