Crystals are formed over millions of years in a chemical process during which movement in the earth’s crust forces molten Magna liquids and gases towards the surface where they cool solidify and crystallise. Crystals exist in many different shapes and colours, determined by their chemical components and bonds.


Crystals create energy. Everything is made of energy. Right now your energetic system is receiving and responding to all of the vibrations of energy not only in but around you. Your thoughts, your emotions and beliefs, are all vibrating at a particular frequency. Crystals, too, are made up of energies and similarly vibrate at a certain frequency.


Working with crystals allow us to match our own energies and frequencies with theirs, so that we can take advantage of their therapeutic properties, helping to soothe our emotions, calm our minds and bring ourselves back into balance and alignment.

Our energetic system refers to our aura and chakras. Chakras are often described as your inner universe, your chakras of energy centres in the body that are constantly receiving and processing information from the world around you.


When the energy in our physical, energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies become blocked, stagnant, stuck or overactive, we begin to feel out of alignment and disconnected, and things in our lives don’t seem to flow or work as well as they could. This is where the power of crystals come in.

Every crystal has its own geometric pattern that is repeated over and over, so that each one holds its own energy and vibrates to a specific frequency. Whereas our human energy is in a constant state of change, the energy frequency of crystals is stable, i.e. They admit the same energies at all times. Therefore when we work with them, they help to heal and restore balance, lowering or raising our vibrations to match theirs, absorbing, transforming and releasing blocked energy and bringing us back into alignment and balance where needed.


It is the unique energetic blueprint of each crystal that enables them to offer support, guidance and healing in different areas. Some will work with the energy of your heart and heal, some will clear blockages you have, some will help you to find your voice and speak your truth, and some will soothe your anxieties and work to keep you calm in challenging situations. Certain crystals will bring you strength and protection, while others will help you to be more open and receiving. It is useful to think of crystals as friends who are on your team and want to help you in the best way that they can.


We all have our own skills and strengths and things we are naturally good at as part of our energetic make up, and it’s the same with crystals. We choose or are drawn to the crystals that we need to balance our energies. Holding, wearing and placing particular crystals on your body and around your home allows you to connect to their energies, enabling them to do their work of aligning and regulating your energies and supporting you in the very best way that a crystal knows how.

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