Holiday Calm


As we approach the holiday Christmas season it is a time to reflect what this time means to us.

For many it is a time to be with loved ones, maybe taking a holiday to be with friends or family maybe a time for reflection, for gratitude. But quite often it’s a time that we can get caught up in stress, especially as we move to get to our destinations, or get prepared for visitors, where we forget the true meaning of this time and spend it quite often feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.


As we know stress has a huge impact on our bodies, it depletes our neurotransmitters, slows new brain cells, it narrows our focus so we just focus on what we are stressed about, which creates more stress.  leaving us feeling frazzled and anxious. Remember yoga means union, It’s not just performing postures we need to remember all of our yoga tools to keep us grounded and balanced. When we de-stress our awareness broadens, we create space. Coming back home to ourself.


We always have a choice, we dictate what we focus on, remember what we focus on grows.

You cannot fight the waves but you can learn to surf, is a famous saying. During the holiday season we can have many waves coming to us. It’s the season of abundance there can be good abundance, but also harmful abundance, like too much food, drink, over indulgence which can lead to us feeling unbalanced, sick, run down, generally not feeling ourselves. It is important that we remember all our yoga tools to surf the waves that may surface during this time.


To help, keep a basic routine. We thrive on routine. Stay anchored. If you commit to nothing, you become distracted by everything. If we are not clear with a routine we get pulled away from our feel good path, our feel good tools.


Keep moving your body, a walk, a run, time to stretch on your mat. Even if it is only 10/15 mins. You cannot be there for others if you are not showing up for yourself. As they say on the plane you have to put your own oxygen mask on first. Take time to care for yourself to enable you to spend time with others that you want to be with over the holidays.

When you take time for you, you become less stressed, less reactive, you have a greater buffer to move through those waves as they arrive. Exercise will transform your chemistry, stimulating happy hormones, decreasing cortisol and adrenaline. There are lots of classes on my YouTube channel, Angel Yoga.


Take time to breath, to meditate, maybe it is just a moment that you can take during your day. To stay in harmony, to stay relaxed and calm. Maybe whilst you are waiting in a queue in a shop, sitting on a train, plane, sitting in the car instead of reaching for your phone and scrolling, use that time to breathe instead. Focus on the breath the movement in and out. Feel your feet on the ground if your standing, feel the belly rising and falling, scan through your body are you holding tension anywhere? Just feel the miracle of being alive. Finding peace and ease.


If you really do start to feel overwhelmed during these months that we tend to be more social, busy with work maybe leading up to a holiday, or having children at home, just remember this affirmation if feelings arise that you do not like,

This too shall pass. It’s just a moment. The discomfort, the stress, whatever it is. Come to your breath. This too shall pass, (this time will pass).


Remind yourself of all the blessings.