The Tools of grounding ourselves


Why is it important to stay grounded? We live in a world

where we can have anything at a click of a button, we are

bombarded by advertisements, we are constantly

connected to technology. Were told what to think and feel,

we rarely just switch off and let go!


But how good does it feel when we take a walk in nature,

whether through a park, or forest, or a walk along the

seafront, especially if we choose to leave our phones behind and enjoy the sounds that nature gives us, the feel of the breeze, the smell of the earth or sound of the sea.

We come home feeling recharged, our mind feels clearer, our senses stronger.


This is the simplest way to feel more grounded, it can be as simple as taking your shoes off and standing on mother earth.


These days, we’re all working longer and stressing more, busier than ever. But it really is possible to handle everything that’s going on around us when we stay grounded even when everything around us seems to be spinning out of control.


Own the moment. When you can make this moment the most important moment, nothing can overwhelm you. Nothing keeps you grounded like being fully present.


Control your choice. There are many factors outside your control, so be intentional in focusing your energy and actions on the things you can actually do something about. Choose what you say yes to.


Take time to reflect. Reflection time is when you give yourself permission to tune out and take a breather. It’s much more valuable than a simple break it’s a grounding process that is essential.


Learn to say no. When you’re burned out and too busy to catch your breath, remind yourself that the best way to stay grounded is to learn to say no. Remember, when you say no to something unimportant you are saying yes to something important.


Keep yourself healthy. That means fostering in yourself a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy thoughts. Think positive, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love well and be happy find that inner child and play, that’s how you stay healthy and energized.


Nurture yourself. Care for your thoughts, your goals, your desires, your hopes, your dreams. Nurture them with your awareness and dedication plant those seeds and watch them grow.


De-stress to avoid dis-ease. Think about what worries, scares, or stresses you, and visualize letting these worries go, spend time with your breath, exhaling to release, or choose a visualizing like watching your worry balloons release up to the sky. Stress, worry, and doubt are major negative forces in life but only if you allow them to be. Remember what we think we create.


Create a routine and stick with it. It’s normal to feel ungrounded when you’re doing too many things at once. Create a routine and stick to it, be organized to make things easier, whether that’s having a healthy meal prepared before a busy day, getting up a little earlier to have some quiet time to stretch your body or meditate, look after you!


Choose yourself. Making time for yourself may seem counterproductive, but that’s the point. Take time out and allow yourself to reset, reassess and rethink. People make time for the things that are most important, so make yourself a priority.

Start today to develop the habits and strategies that will keep you grounded when everything around you is spinning.

Some Yoga poses that ground us are,

Mountain Pose, Picturing yourself strong, stable and solid.

Tree Pose, Visualizing your feet grounding into the earth like the roots of a tree.

These poses work even better if you can do them outside, holding for 5-10 breathes.


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